Implementation period:

Okres realizacji: 01.09.2017 – 29.02.2020

Total value of qualified expenses (PLN): 7 097 043,60 zł
Co-financing (PLN): 4 496 604,48 zł

Project implemented under the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020, Priority axis I. Support for conducting R&D works by enterprises; within the “INNOMOTO” sectoral program, financed with funding of Measure 1.2 “Sectoral R&D programs” of the SG OP in 2016.

The subject of the project is to carry out research and development tasks in order to build a system adapting vehicles of the “L7” category to the specific requirements of car-sharing platforms – RVMCS.

For this purpose, we will carry out a series of tasks, the result of which will be a production-ready system for adapting vehicles of the “L7” category to the requirements of car sharing platforms and increasing the competitiveness of the platform in relation to other operators, not using the system. The research will be carried out in two areas: permanent remote monitoring of vehicles, and remote control of vehicle components. The functionality provided by the project results, through the employment of the IoT concept, will enable new car applications, not known in other car-sharing platforms.

For example, based on the condition of the vehicle and the parameters of vehicle components (such as the current battery status or the temperature inside the vehicle), the platform management system will select for users the best vehicle available at the given moment. Thanks to remote control of vehicle components, access to the vehicle will be granted remotely, without the need to use other vehicle safeguards.

‘Triggo’ electric vehicle, of the “L7e” category will be used as the research vehicle. Triggo is a vehicle built on the basis of the patented concept of variable-chassis geometry. Thanks to this concept, Triggo has a width of 95 cm when moving at speeds of up to 25 km/h. It allows for increased mobility and reduction of time spent while traveling within city centre. Unlike motorcycles, however, Triggo is a vehicle that protects against weather conditions and is homologated “L7e” meaning it does not require the use of a helmet or other protective clothing.

Combining the advantages of both motorcycles and cars, Triggo seems to be the perfect vehicle to use in car-sharing platforms in urban agglomerations, and a good platform for research required in this project.

The project is implemented in a consortium composed of: EUVIC Sp. z o.o. and Triggo S.A.